How to get a job in MNC-multi national company

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Today every person raises the question that How to get a job in IT(Information Technology- software) MNC Multi national company as soon as possible.
Getting Job in MNC Company easily.

What is MNC company?

MNC- Multi-national Corporation is that which locates in more than one nation/country. These companies has to follow the minimum criteria of some guidelines:
1. Employee strength should not be very low.
2. Every person should be skilled person.
3. The company should be able to provide minimum facilities to employees like transportation, Snacks and some festival bonazas.
4. Companies Infrastructure should be attractive.
5. Salary hike/appraisal should be in reasonable according to performance of a particular employee.
6. Company should maintain some basic safety precautions.
and many more ...

 The different positions in IT MNC company?
  • Chairman.
  • Chief executive officer (CEO).
  • Chief financial officer (CFO).
  • Chief information officer (CIO).
  • Chief human resources officer (CHRO).
  • Chief business officer (CBO).
  • Chief technology officer (CTO).
  • Software Developers or programmers.
  • Software Testers.
  • Business Analyst(BA).
  • Network Engineer.
  • Software Architect.
  • Web Developer or Web Designer.
  • Technical support or Product support.

 Every graduate should follow some set of rules:
1. He/She should have minimum %  of 60 or grater then that through out the career i.e., 10, +2, graduation and postgradution with out backlogs or arrears to eligible for the placements in MNC(Multi National Corporation) companies in India.
2. Some companies will take around 50% based upon the requirement and position.
3. He/she should complete their education with in time
     Ex: B.Tech/BE--- 4 years
            Degree/+3--- 3years
4. He/she should have enough communication skills high level communication is added advantage.
5. He/she should know basic programming language like C or C++ or JAVA for added advantage.

Note:- Time after graduation should be used to learn any useful programming language till he/she get into a Company.

What are the skills required to get a job in IT MNC company?

This is related to fresher level or less then 1yr experience

   As today there is a huge competition to get into a IT(Information Technology) MNC company. Since 1999 the growth of IT in india is growing like any thing.

1. Communication skills.
2. Technical skills.
3. Behaviour and attitude.
4. Attire.

1. Communication Skills:
     In today environment every MNC in the world are communication in major language like english. As communication skills are so important because he/she should communicate in english with any person in the world.
Ex: There is a company in india and their project belongs to the company like usa(united states of america) so he/she should interact with their client regarding the status of the work.
 In that case every employee should able to respond and speak what the present situation is.
 In these days maximum no of projects are Running under AGILE Methodology that means client interaction goes on every working day.

2. Technical skills:
     Technical skills plays a major role that for applying any technical related position(except financial  resource and human resource[hr]).
Every person must able to do coding atleast basic programming language like C or C++ or JAVA and etc...,
The more technical skills are added advantage to hire that particular person.
If anybody having more technical skills in fresher level but he/she should strong enough in atleast one of them.
Some companies will hire based upon the technical skills and they will assign position in company the level or knowledge of technical skills that person carry.

3. Behaviour, attitude and attire:
These comes under operational round, HR(Human Resource) team will take care of it
if some person is very good communication skills and technical skills rather he doesn`t have good behaviour or attitude no company will hire such person.
Every should follow good behaviour and good attitude.
 1. Attire(Dress code) should be business Attire he/she can wear blazer it is not mandatory.
 2. One can wear tie even it is also not mandatory.
 3. but every body in complete quiet formal dress i.e..
     men---Light coloured collared shirt, Dark coloured Pant with formal shoes which are in black or          brown
     Women--Light coloured with out high embradding sarees or chudidars.
"Good attire will shows you the good behaviour and it will give first preference to hire"
It is mandatory for every job Seeking person through out the world before getting into the interviews.

 which branches are eligible for software engineer related jobs

The main Software Engineer related jobs eligible branches are:
1. CSE
2. IT
   These branches are the main core branches for Software Industry every company will choose these   branch persons.
3. ECE
   After above 1 and 2 branches companies will choose this ECE branch persons because These persons are Indirectly related to Software Technology.
There is no particular mandatory for IT to select a particular branch but based upon requirement and skills required they will choose that particular person.

4. EEE & EIE
    After Above 3 this is the fourth preference Branch and Most of the IT companies will choose above 3 branches.

    These are the engineering branches that which IT companies will prefer low priority. If there are huge requirement and the project which they are hiring for is related to that particular branch then they will opt for the particular branch persons
But if a person want to go IT Job rather they may belongs to any branch he/she could learn a particular programming language which was opt for today market and they can enter into IT Platform.

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