Bahubali 2 Leaked Story [The Conclusion]

Bahubali -2 The conclusion : Expected story of Rajamouli`s biggest dream project Bahubali 2 the conclusion.
Every Indian awaiting motion  picture, which could be called as India`s most popular and high collection in boxoffice in its part one bahubali the beginning. This project done under many technical people for the wondering visual effects and graphical scenes which mixed with glorious kingdom based story.
It is called as director S S Rajamouli's one of the biggest project till now and even biggest box office record.

latest Trailer
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The Conclusion Story


  Bhalladeva(Rana) and Bahubali(prabhas) are cousins. They both loves Anushka (Devasena).
 Bhallaladeva mother is Ramyakrishna.
But Anushka loves Amarendra bahubali due to his bravefull, Charisma and goodness.
After Bahubali(prabhas) marries Anushka(Devasena). Ramya Krishna(Sivagami) hates them.  
Sivagami sends Bahubali and Devasena out from their Mahismathi kingdom.

 To Fulfill the revenge Kalakeya brother announces war against Mahishmathi kingdom. 
 Bahubali Get the information. He comes to the Mahishmathi Kingdom and fights against Kalakeya brother and saves Mahishmathi again.
Bhalladeva (Rana) and Bijjala Deva (Nazar) try to kill Bahubali.
Ramya Krishna realizes and loves Bahubali and Devasena.

So, She save`s Devasena and Bahubali`s son Shivudu(In bahubali Part 1)

After shivudu grown up he kills Bhalladeva(Rana) and Bijjala Deva (Nazar) and saves her mother 
Devasena(Anushka) and He marries Avantika(tamanna).
Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali?

As Bhalladeva wants to kill bahubali(prabhas). Bhalladeva(Rana) is ruling the kingdom and Kattappa is a slavery of Bhalladeva. He has to listen what Bhalladeva says. So, he killed bahubali.   
                         ---please wait for real story ---    
Release Date of Bahubali 2 [The conclusion]
It will be on Apr - 14th 2017 or jun-9th 2017.

Bahubali Working Team

1.  SS Rajamouli- Director and Screen play
2.  Sobhu yarlagadda         |
      Prasad Devineni           |             Producers
      K Raghavendra Rao     |
3.  Peter Hein - Fight master
4. M M keeravani -- music Director
5.  k k Senthil Kumar -- DOP
6.   Kotagiri venkateswara rao - Editor   and so on........,

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