Major Train Accidents in India

Major train accidents takes place in India, Which leads to major death and severe injuries

From 1988 biggest train accidents in india 

   Date                       place                           train                         dead                   Occur

1988-april-18         In lalitpur                 karnataka express         75                went off the tracks
                             uttarpradesh state

      Date                       place                              train                         dead                   Occur

1988-july - 8             in kerala                    astamudi sadassu    107 were killed      fell down 

   Date                       place                            train                                       dead                 

20 -Aug- 1995      Firozabad                     Purushottam Express         around 400 killed
                             Uttar Pradesh


Purushottam Express rams into the stationary Kalindi Express near Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh.

        Date                 place                           train                            dead               Occur

   14-Sep-1997    Bilaspur district    Ahmedabad–Howrah         81 killed      plunge into a river
                           Madhya Pradesh        Express


              Date                       place                           train                         dead                   

       26-Nov-1998              Khanna                     Khanna rail            over 212 people   

when the Calcutta-bound Jammu Tawi-Sealdah Express collided with six derailed coaches of the Amritsar-bound "Frontier Mail" which were lying in its path in total the trains were estimated to be carrying 2,500 passengers. The initial derailment was caused by a broken rail.

           Date                       place                                train                                      dead                

2 -Aug -1999:                 Gaisal                               Gaisal                         268 killed and 359 injured         


 In a collision involving Awadh–Assam Express and Brahmaputra Mail at Gaisal in North Frontier Railway's Katihar division. Gaisal train disaster

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